Meatless Mondays

Hello, and welcome to my first post!

I have been trying to follow the trend of meatless Mondays and yesterday was no exception. These attempts started during my time in physician assistant school. We had a project where we had to make a lifestyle change and implement that change into our daily life over the course of many weeks. We were to do this so that we could understand some the difficulties our patients will face when we ask them to make changes in their life. It is not easy to quit smoking, to go from not working out to working out everyday, or even to start taking medicine everyday. Although, we did not necessarily make these changes, making any change helps us understand what may be necessary to be successful. We found people to support us and hold us accountable, we journaled on what difficulties we encountered and how we overcame them, and we journaled if we failed on one of the days and came up with ways to prevent it from happening again.

Anyway, long story short I chose to become a vegetarian as my lifestyle change. Several of my cousins are vegetarians and you always hear about the impact consuming meat has on the environment, so I decided to go for it. The change actually went pretty smoothly, most likely because I hate cooking meat in the first place. I came to love experimenting with tofu, trying out different beans, and finding all the different recipes to try. But when I was diagnosed with celiac disease I decided trying to juggle a gluten free and meat-free diet to maintain proper nutrition would be too much to do on top of school. So I went back to meat but decided to join the trend of meatless Mondays.

According to the meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry! But it’s not just that, they also say that a single pound of beef can require at least 1,800 gallons of water! And 50% of our nation’s corn is used by the meat industry. But in good news, we can help curb these numbers! They say that reducing your weekly burger intake by one is equivalent to not driving 320 miles. Furthermore, according to, skipping out on that burger once a week is also equivalent to the 6 months of power needed to charge your phone.

I promise that I am not here to try to convert you into a vegetarian lifestyle. But any posts from Monday will be meatless and I encourage you to give them or any other meatless recipe out there a try! They are not only hearty and delicious but also good for the environment!

Which finally brings us to this week’s meatless Monday recipe! This French onion zoodle bake comes from Climbing Grier Mountain (

It’s that time of the year when you can get zucchini for next to nothing at your local farmer’s market. I was lucky enough to get a couple fresh from my mom’s garden. The thing that took me the longest to make this dish was spiralizing the zucchini after that things went along quite quickly. Do not worry that there is not much liquid in the onion mixture to add to the zoodles. The zoodles release water as they bake and it works out in the end. I will say that I ended up using the broiler to get the cheese to golden up like the original recipe shows. My boyfriend and I may or may not have eaten the entire pan of this. All I can say is that it was delicious and I will definitely be making it again!


Links to the sites referenced above:

    • You can take their pledge to partake in Meatless Mondays here!
  • Climbing Grier Mountain; French Onion Zoodle Bake:

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